OpsMgr Logical Disk Space Addendum for Windows Server 2012

Anybody who works a great deal with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager probably follows Kevin Holman's Technet blog, and if so you may already be aware of his Logical Disk Space Addendum management packs. Basically, these are management packs for SCOM 2007 or 2012 that replace the newer-fangled logical disk monitors with ones that list the percent freespace and free MBytes in the alert text itself, so that email, pager, or ticketing system alerts will have this information without the need to look at the SCOM Console.

So far Kevin and posted addendum MPs for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, but there have been several requests in the post comments for an addendum that works for Windows 2012 and 2012 R2. Rather than wait for one, I have created my own in the same vein.

As with Kevin Holman's addendum MPs, this one simply contains the script datasource, monitor type and a new monitor, as well as an override to disable the built-in Logical Disk monitor for Windows 2012.

The unsealed management pack can be downloaded from here. The usual disclaimers apply: that this being supplied "as-is" and has not warranty or guarantee on my part. And as with other MPs of this type, new overrides will have to be created to target the addendum monitor instead of the built-in one.

In doing all of this work to isolate the monitor type and datasource module I also accidentally hit upon the solution to an issue I've had ever since I've been implementing SCOM logical disk monitoring, but that's a topic for my next post.

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