A GUI Tool for Unsealing Management Packs and Bundles in SCOM

You can download the program here)

I frequently find myself needing to unseal a management pack that was sealed by another party (usually Microsoft) in order to troubleshoot or to steal borrow code for a script I'm working on. I have basically been using the same method for many years now which is this powershell script written by Boris Yanushpolsky way back in 2007.

I unseal management packs infrequently enough that I tend to just do a Google search for this script every time I need to use it, and then I wrestle with its syntax a bit or just hardcode the MPs I want to unseal into it and run it. Then I basically forget about it until the next time I need it.

Recently, however, I had to unseal a management pack bundle (MPB file), and found the old script wasn't up to that task, since that's a new feature. My first Google Search brought this top hit, which isn't helpful because I don't have the Service Manager cmdlets installed. Some additional searching ultimately came up with this excellent post from Stefan Stranger that did everything I needed.

At this point I decided I'd had enough with searching and fiddling with Powershell every time I wanted to unseal a management pack, so I decided to write a GUI app to do it for me in the future. So without further ado, here is...

Management Pack Unsealer

To use this, simply launch the program, select or drag in MP or MPBs, choose an ouput directory, and hit the Unseal button.

If everything goes well your output directory should look like this:

Management Pack Bundles

In addition to unsealing bundled management packs, other bundled assemblies will also be extracted to a subdirectory.

So extracting an MPB should leave you with an output directory that looks like:

And in that subdirectory you will potentially see things like DLLs, images, or whatever else was bundled in.

You can download the program here. You should have the Operations Manager 2012 Console installed on the same computer where you wish to run this program.

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